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Personal Blog
  • An American BlogRSS Feed
  • Original blog set up years ago. Used for a variety of purposes over the years.
    Currently in 1,000 days of writing: July 1, 2018 — March 26, 2021.
    Bible Blogs
  • Found in the WordRSS Feed
  • A place to share observations from God's Word.
  • Hider of the WordRSS Feed
  • Where I have written about my experience memorizing Scripture.
    Culture Blogs
  • Knowing the TimesRSS Feed
  • Inspired by “The Tide of Our Times” section of Destiny Newsletter.
  • Pray for CongressRSS Feed
  • Set up as a place to write about pro-life, family, faith, freedom, and related issues. Now includes weekly updates on floor and committee activity and schedules.
  • Pray for MedicineRSS Feed
  • Set up after the Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act to write about health policy.
    Government-Related Blog
  • GovTop ReportRSS Feed
  • Objective: one-week, one-screen summary of Congressional Action
    Virginia-Related Blog
  • A Virginia BlogRSS Feed
  • Originally set up as a campaign account and Web site in 2012. Now a (not frequently used) place for writing about Virginia politics.
    Development Blogs
  • The Mountaintop ReportRSS Feed
  • A blog to accompany The Mountaintop Group.
  • Blog Your DaysRSS Feed
  • A blog to accompany Number Your Days.
  • Letter to the DeveloperRSS Feed
  • A place to share development ideas.
  • Washington Climate ReportRSS Feed
  • This is an automated repository for updates from the local Sterling office of the National Weather Service. Similar to my weather page here, this is also a place for collecting useful links and graphics.

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