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Personal Accounts
  • @timtom
  • Original Twitter account going back to 2007.
    List: TweetsDeck
  • @TimMcGhee
  • Full name reserved. Used as campaign account in 2011, 2012. Mostly state and local content.
    Lists: Tweets, Virginia
  • @TimMcGheeLive
  • Set up back before Twitter became all about live content. Still used for live events and happenings in space, politics, sports, etc. Mentioned by the International @Space_Station.
    List: MLBDeck
  • @TimoteoMcGhee
  • ¡Timoteo en Español! Solamente uno.
    List: Noticias
  • @KK4NMS
  • Amateur radio call sign. Mostly weather-related content.
    Lists: Land, Sea, Air, SpaceDeck, Weather, Spaceflight

    Of interest: NOAA, NWS OfficesAll, NASACenters

    Bible Accounts
  • @FoundintheWord
  • A place to share lines from God's Word.
  • @WordHider
  • Where I have recorded some of my progress and review of Scripture memory.
    Culture Accounts
  • @KnowingtheTimesChristian Destiny
  • Inspired by “The Tide of Our Times” section of Destiny Newsletter.
    List: The Tide of Our Times
  • @PrayforCongressDeck
  • List: Reporters
  • @PrayforPOTUSDeck
  • Lists: Reporters, National Security
  • @PrayforSCOTUSDeck
  • List: Reporters
  • @PrayforMedicineDeck
  • List: Freedom
  • @CollegiateMindDeck
  • Inspired by The Collegiate Letter.
    List: Campus
    Government-Related Accounts
  • @GovTopGovTop Network
  • Lists: 1A, 2A, 4ADeck, Reporters
  • @HouseFloorHouse Live, Deck
  • @SenateFloorSenate Live, Deck
  • @USSupremeCourtDeck
  • @USHouseNews
  • List: Press
  • @SenateNews
  • List: Press
    Virginia-Related Accounts
  • @CapitalVirginiaDeck
  • @VAHouseFloor
  • @VASenateFloor
  • Development Accounts
  • @mtopgroupThe Mountaintop Group
  • @NumberYourDaysNumber Your Days
  • @DeveloperLetter
  • @SunDC
  • Lists: Weather, News, Sports, TrafficDeck, Alerts

    Basically, I use Twitter accounts like they're Slack channels.